Hens party in airlie beach

Hens Party’s in Airlie Beach

Hens parties were a lot simpler when we started Davy Avenue XXX in Airlie Beach early in the year 2008, an entertainers involvement would be to perform a 10-20 min show then mingle with the group for around the same time. Many people were reluctant to hire this entertainment through confusion with other adult industries and other industries providing this entertainment under false pretense or not on an entertainment level. Other agency’s such as and including Davy Avenue XXX have continuously sought new ideas for entertainment and services to these parties.

Through this marketing push an industry has be born in private party entertainment and services. Delivered professionally the services are embraced and enjoyed on many levels by many different social circles. Further to the evolution of our business, workflow certainly didn’t come from bucks or hens parties in the early beginnings although it would constitute over 95% of or work today.

For us in Airlie Beach it was largely the tail end of the construction boom in the area that provided us with a start, workers were celebrating and we had something to offer, strong publicity by the media and a certain curiosity were the other contributors. Over the 8 years operating in Airlie Beach we have developed a growing industry in promoting these celebration or event services and entertainment to the area and the area has cautiously but surely embraced our trade. Stiff competition to hold our place or business patch has led to significant advertising and marketing strategies and expansion within both administration and entertainment contractors.

Although we have at times worked on a state and even national level we have condensed our operation to be contained within the Whitsundays with some future expansion planned for the Townsville and Cairns areas. This has worked in our favor tremendously as we have been able to provide some extra time and care and therefore quality to our customers and their bookings. Moving to a fully hosted professional entertainment service has provided some piece of mind for our customers and their respective partners. Knowing that we are on board from start to finish to maintain some structure or form everyone can relax knowing all will go to plan.

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