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Tips to holding a private party or event in the Whitsunday’s

Plan Your weekend
A soft start is highly recommended some bar surfing dinner and light entertainment for your first night. You can’t make a silk purse from a sours ear so don’t party to hard the night before you become a lot of hard work for everyone, secondhand material is very hard to deal with and you wont get the most out of the event.

Choose your accommodation and venue

We don’t necessarily recommend licensed venues for small parties they are very expensive and impersonal. For larger parties contact us and we can guide you in the right direction with this.
Check that you have a sound environment in which to hold your event. Don’t take anything for granted, check the terms and conditions of the service, venue or accommodation you are staying in and proceed with caution, if their terms are aggressive chances are the management are up tight and your weekend will be spoiled.

Choose your entertainment

Special offers of strippers and topless waitresses and games to be played for the bucks. For the hens we have many variations to consider, our toy party’s are a good laugh with a giveaway toy package to the bride to be and dance like a stripper parties to learn some sexy dance moves.

Finalise your arrangements

Once you have a plan sorted and have considered your groups party location and have your accommodation booked then lock in your entertainment and prepare for a awesome weekend.

Airlie Beach has been decided as your party spot now what?

 Airlie is a great place to visit, party and enjoy the festivities. There is always something to do, but plans are essential. You will have a dozen decisions to make getting your group to Airlie Beach you should consider them all carefully.

High on the list after deciding a date and booking your flights or transport, is where are you going to stay and what are you going to do. These all depend on your group, what they prefer to do with their time, and how big the budget is. In most cases the stop over in Airlie is two nights, flying in Friday and leaving Sunday. If your travelling in to hold your bucks party this should be foremost on your list and your weekend should revolve around this event.

Our entertainment shouldn’t be treated lightly consider what you are going to do and where. We don’t suggest incorporating our entertainment into other activities as it becomes very expensive. If you want a day on the water or to island hop around the Whitsunday’s we suggest you do that separately, then return to the mainland and hold your party or event.

You will double your expenditure by incorporating our entertainment into a venue or activity in Airlie Beach. For larger groups it is essential and cannot be avoided, we have some very good quality venues for this reason however if your groups is smaller, less than 20 people it is not the best nor most economical way to go about your festivities. We would suggest in this case that you spend a little more on your accommodation so that you have a great area to celebrate. There are 4 – 5 star rooms and holiday homes available that have large areas, balconies and second to none views of Airlie Beach.

Backpackers are not entertainment friendly! you should avoid all backpackers and shared room accommodation if you wanting to hold your celebration in the comfort of your own apartment or room. For larger venue parties this is not an issue as the festivities are held elsewhere.