Category: Careers and Contractors Resources

Careers and contractors resources for people working within adult entertainment and other related entertainment industries. Information for strippers, waitresses and waiters and other no touch sex themed entertainers. Discussions and literature with an in depth knowledge base to assist with working in the industry. Handbooks covering career information and guides, references and helpful resources to assist contractors both those starting out and experienced entertainers.  Career study’s for evaluating  remuneration rates, work consistency’s, workplaces and etiquette, and freelance information for career based entertainers. Information for part time operators and helpful information to get you started in the adult entertainment industry.  Articles and publications covering many other topics such as professional conduct and values, and presentation. Intended to help provide a sound knowledge and to assist with transitions into and within the many factions of adult entertainment. Career objectives and pathways that will lead to a successful and fulfilling career in these industries.