The Strippers Paddle

Category: On The Scene

On the scene is an, on location account, of various different performances, strippers variety shows, buck initiation stories and other various light hearted stories of an adult nature. Humerus and  enlightening stories about what happens on the location of various different events and private parties, behind the scene insights and a look into the antics of a private gathering celebrating. Various different shows covering a range of variety acts and themes. Blunders and mishaps of themed based strippers variety shows. Humiliation techniques through audience participation and other stories and publications for an on the scene account of what goes down in a private party town.  Read about the shows, the entertainment, the entertainers and the people holding the party. Painful and exhilarating experiences of the people at the party including tales of woe and pity for those that fall victim along the way of these torturous journey’s experienced through entertainment and enactment.