Featured strippers and topless waitreses

Featured Girls

Featured Girls

XXX Female Strippers and Topless Waitresses
Welcome to our female performers page. We have a large selection of female performers here in Airlie Beach, some of these girls are featured here and on our other local agency website social pages. There is always something, and someone new and different around to entertain you, with our local entertainers providing top shelf entertainment and our contingency of visiting girls also providing quality entertainment, offering some variety and digression from the local performers. You are assured of a blend or combination of entertainers that will suite your party or group.


Angel is our angel, with a beautiful personality and looks to match Angel is a delight at any party or event. Friendly and well spoken she will keep your refreshments coming in some very entertaining ways.


Holly is a petite topless waitress, very attractive tiny with a very pleasant personality. Professional, reliable with a great attitude.

Performers Requests

Preferences are considered for your choice of entertainers and in most cases we will engage the performers of your choice, however we reserve the final decision and will match your group with our best suited entertainers.

To maximise your entertainment experience with us please be sure to provide some background details of your group so that we can use that information to best place your performers and performance.

All the performers featured across our networks are working with us to provide excellence in entertainment and are all available in there local areas, and in most cases only restricted for availability due to travel costs and therefore special request can be considered if all travelling costs are met.